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file types allowed : bmkz
file size limit : 10 MiB

filename info size creator
606 and random.bmkz (download)606 and random1.56 MiBmandaryn
8 Bit Kit - Basses.bmkz (download)NES/8-bit Bass Sounds1.72 MiBender
8 Bit Kit - Drums 1.bmkz (download)NES/8-bit Drum Sounds688.07 KiBender
9th Wonder Claps 1.bmkz (download)9th Wonder claps528.29 KiByosh
9th Wonder Clapz 2.bmkz (download)9th Wonder claps606.18 KiByosh
9th Wonder Cymbals 1.bmkz (download)9th Wonder cymbals2.04 MiByosh
9th Wonder Cymbals 2.bmkz (download)9th Wonder cymbals3.1 MiByosh
9th Wonder Hi-Hats 2.bmkz (download)9th Wonder hi hats319.47 KiByosh
9th Wonder Hi-Hats 3.bmkz (download)9th Wonder hi hats417.46 KiByosh
9th Wonder Hi-Hats 4.bmkz (download)9th Wonder hi hats408.88 KiByosh
9th Wonder Hi-Hats 5.bmkz (download)9th Wonder hi hats353.04 KiByosh
9th Wonder Hi-Hats 6.bmkz (download)9th Wonder hi hats484.15 KiByosh
9th Wonder Hi-Hats 7.bmkz (download)9th Wonder hi hats67 KiByosh
9th Wonder Hi-Hatz 1.bmkz (download)9th Wonder hi hats275.56 KiByosh
9th Wonder Kicks 1.bmkz (download)9th Wonder kicks393.73 KiByosh
9th Wonder Kicks 2.bmkz (download)9th Wonder kicks398.96 KiByosh
9th Wonder Kicks 3.bmkz (download)9th Wonder kicks413.24 KiByosh
9th Wonder Kicks 4.bmkz (download)9th Wonder kicks363.03 KiByosh
9th Wonder Kicks 5.bmkz (download)9th Wonder kicks408.8 KiByosh
9th Wonder Kicks 6.bmkz (download)9th Wonder kicks386.71 KiByosh
9th Wonder Kicks 7.bmkz (download)9th Wonder kicks350.26 KiByosh
9th Wonder Kicks 8.bmkz (download)9th Wonder kicks441.38 KiByosh
9th Wonder Percs 1.bmkz (download)9th Wonder percussions509.75 KiByosh
9th Wonder Percs 2.bmkz (download)9th Wonder Percussion 2.89 MiByosh
9th Wonder Shakers 1.bmkz (download)9th Wonder Shakers438.57 KiByosh
9th Wonder Shakers 2.bmkz (download)9th Wonder shakers804.3 KiByosh
Acoustic A.bmkz (download)Acoustic A3.54 MiBmandaryn
acoustic backbeat w glitch... (download)samples from free midi instruments.603.06 KiBblackbauble
Acoustic Kit wTabla.bmkz (download)Acoustic Kit with Tabla797.32 KiBmandaryn
aeriolo.bmkz (download)Daft Punk Aeriolo kit889.3 KiBMike
Aero-Daft.bmkz (download)Daft Punk Aeriolo kit - same as previous?892.12 KiBunknown
Aftermath Kit 2.bmkz (download)Aftermath Kit 2742.8 KiBUnknown
Aftermath Kit 3 Hits.bmkz (download)Aftermath Kit 31.47 MiBUnknown
Aftermath Kit 4 Hits.bmkz (download)Aftermath Kit 41.12 MiBUnknown
Aftermath Kit 5 Kicks.bmkz (download)Aftermath Kit 5679.4 KiBUnknown
Amb Grooves Percussion 1.bmkz (download)Amb Grooves Percussion 11.56 MiBAllinone The Great
Amb Grooves Percussion 2.bmkz (download)Amb Grooves Percussion 21.56 MiBAllinone The Great
Amb Grooves Percussion 3.bmkz (download)Amb Grooves Percussion 3674.15 KiBAllinone The Great
baddass.bmkz (download)baddass kit4.72 MiBmandaryn
Bass and Snares.bmkz (download)Bass and Snares882.71 KiBFailing St.
bass_snare_hihat_glitch.bmkz (download)4 bass, 4 snares, 4 hats, 4 gitches553.82 KiBFailing St.
Battery Tight.bmkz (download)8.37 MiBunkown
BEATBOX_BEEBY.bmkz (download)Beatbox beeby kit401.7 KiBBB
BedRocks.bmkz (download)lilwayneverseandchorus5.48 MiBlittlehaidii
better,harder,faster,stron... (download)Another stronger clone1.06 MiBDaft Punk
BreakwellSet1.bmkz (download)Jazzy Set with a Berimbau Freesound Attribution Form: http://www.freesound.org/usersAttribution.php?id=1064308andformat=plain3.5 MiBMax Breakwell
Casio Rapman Kit.bmkz (download)Casio Rapman RAP-1 was a weird toy keyboard with scratch plates from 1991. It is the king of all Casio keyboards, for its totally unique sounds, here in 8 and 16 bit. Original sampling by Jan Hemme 280.07 KiBblackbauble
Clubby 3.bmkz (download)Clubby 3 by Konesaha853.94 KiBKonesaha
Cool N Dre Clapz and Snare... (download)This be Dope626.03 KiBZSnake
Cool N Dre Sounds.bmkz (download)Sounds402.85 KiBZSnake
D-Block 3.bmkz (download)D-Block504.64 KiBUnknown
Daft Punk Remix Justice.bmkz (download)Daft Punk Justice Kit8.86 MiBUnknown
Daft Punk-Stronger.bmkz (download)A Daft Punk related and inspired kit.1.04 MiBMason1
Darbuka solo.bmkz (download)Darbuka solo631.23 KiBmandaryn
Deadmau5 - Ghosts and stuf... (download)deadmau5 - ghosts and stuff remix pack8.03 MiBpublic_nmy
debra.bmkz (download)Debra2.28 MiBunknown
Diddy Kit 4.bmkz (download)Diddy712.17 KiBUnknown
djembe solo.bmkz (download)Djembe Solo562.45 KiBmandaryn
DPM48.bmkz (download)DPM48346.54 KiBmandaryn
DR_202_Kit_01.bmkz (download)WAVs from the Boss DR-202 drum machine including some 909 samples627.12 KiBVintly
Drumma Claps.bmkz (download)Drumma Claps429.68 KiBunknown
Drumma Snares.bmkz (download)Drumma Snares275.12 KiBunknown
drumNbase Drumma Snares
Easy Does It.bmkz (download)Can be used for downtempo electronic music. Monody is an EBM/SynthPop band located in Portland, OR USA2.87 MiBMonody
Ejay SC 1-4 HH Bass 1.bmkz (download)Bass kit3.11 MiBAllinone The Great
Ejay SC 1-4 HH Bass 2.bmkz (download)Bass kit3.29 MiBAllinone The Great
Ejay SC 1-4 HH Bass 3.bmkz (download)Bass kit2.71 MiBAllinone The Great
Ejay SC 1-4 HH Bass 4.bmkz (download)Bass kit3.57 MiBAllinone The Great
Ejay SC 2-8 HH Drums 1 .bmkz (download)Drum kit3.23 MiBAllinone The Great
Ejay SC 2-8 HH Drums 2.bmkz (download)Drum kit3.08 MiBAllinone The Great
Ejay SC 2-8 HH Drums 3.bmkz (download)Drum kit3.11 MiBAllinone The Great
Electronica Drum kit
erie pack.bmkz (download)erie sample pack with weird audio5.16 MiBserg
Fat Kit w Rides.bmkz (download)Fat Kit with Rides2.82 MiBmandaryn
Formealone1.bmkz (download)For mandaryn alone :)687.72 KiBmandaryn
Fourth Neptunes Kit.bmkz (download)4th Neptunes Kit680.72 KiBmandaryn
FX 4th Neptunes Kit
Ghost N Stuff.bmkz (download)info coming up soon...8.03 MiB
Glitch Kit 01.bmkz (download)cool fx kit with glitch978.76 KiBbeatbully
HeavyMetal cool fx kit with glitch
Highness.bmkz (download)Highness9.38 MiBSarz Lim
Hip Hop Loops.bmkz (download)Hip Hop Loops From Reason....Use the chopping method to mix and match.5.56 MiBDJBC
hiphop Hip Hop Loops From Reason....Use the chopping method to mix and match.
Ibanez Bass Picked- E0-G1m... (download)Ibanez Bass Picked7.3 MiBNuthing
Ibanez Bass Picked- Fret 0... (download)Ibanez Bass Picked7.33 MiBNuthing
Industrial Ibanez Bass Picked
Instruments Ibanez Bass Picked
J Dilla Hi Hats 2.bmkz (download)Hi Hats from Jay Dee aka J Dilla the Greatest.Excluseive!627.48 KiBZSnake
J Dilla Hi Hats.bmkz (download)Hi Hats from Jay Dee aka J Dilla the Greatest.Excluseive!680.47 KiBZSnake
J Dilla Hits.bmkz (download)Jay Dee1.58 MiBZSnake
J Dilla Kicks .bmkz (download)J Dilla Kicks1.87 MiBZsnake
J Dilla Kicks 2.bmkz (download)Complete set from the greatest J Dilla1.86 MiBZSnake
J Dilla Kicks 3.bmkz (download)Complete set from the greatest J Dilla1.19 MiBZSnake
J Dilla Percs.bmkz (download)Complete set from the greatest J Dilla1.66 MiBZSnake
J Dilla Snare's 4.bmkz (download)Snares from the greatest J Dilla1.7 MiBZSnake
J Dilla Snare's.bmkz (download)Snares from the greatest J Dilla1.91 MiBZSnake
J Dilla Snares's 2.bmkz (download)Snares from the greatest J Dilla1.83 MiBZSnake
J Dilla Snares's 3.bmkz (download)Snares from the greatest J Dilla1.81 MiBZSnake
J Dilla Sound and Loops.bmkz (download)Loops and sounds from the greatest4.11 MiBZSnake
JAM's Beat Pack: Drum Esse... (download)Great samples to get started with. Compiled by JoeShon Monroe.1.22 MiBJoeShon Monroe
Jazz Great samples to get started with. Compiled by JoeShon Monroe.
Johnny Juliano 808s.bmkz (download)808s from Juliano Exclusive3.8 MiBZSnake
Johnny Juliano Claps.bmkz (download)Claps From Juliano Exclusive1.15 MiBZSnake
Johnny Juliano Hi Hats Per... (download)Hi Hats From Juliano Exclusive377.71 KiBZSnake
Johnny Juliano Kicks.bmkz (download)Kicks From Juliano Exclusive1.15 MiBZSnake
Johnny Juliano Misc.bmkz (download)Juliano Exclusive1.49 MiBZSnake
Johnny Juliano Percs.bmkz (download)Percs From Juliano Exclusive5.39 MiBZSnake
Johnny Juliano Snares.bmkz (download)Snares From Juliano Exclusive938.17 KiBZSnake
Just Blaze MPC 4000.bmkz (download)These are the beats shown by Just Blaze and his MPC 4000 on Youtube. Check it out: youtube.com/watch?v=S7wZD1ewxB43.67 MiBSly55
kalimba koto.bmkz (download)Kalimba Koto464.94 KiBmandaryn
Kanye Stronger Beats.bmkz (download)This seems to be a duplicate of the Daft Punk Stronger kit by Mason1. Or is it?4.05 MiBUnknown
Kanye West Kicks.bmkz (download)Kick from Kanye763.22 KiBZSnake
Kanye West Snares.bmkz (download)Ye Snares611.56 KiBZSnake
Keyboards UR1 3.bmkz (download)Keyboards UR18.3 MiBAllinone The Great
Kick Diss.bmkz (download)Some of my favorite kicks. Enjoy.830.44 KiBidrum4christ
Korg MS-20.bmkz (download)Samples from Korg MS-202.07 MiBEuphiophone
kpr77 kit.bmkz (download)KPR 77 Kit328.44 KiBmandaryn
KR55 Kit.bmkz (download)KR 55 Kit201.45 KiBmandaryn
Kurz Kit A.bmkz (download)Kurz Kit A1.93 MiBmandaryn
Lead Synth Hi.bmkz (download)NN19 Patch597.5 KiBDJBC
Lo-Fi Drums.bmkz (download)lofi druns357.15 KiBcomeseemyart.com
Marimba Hard.bmkz (download)Marimba Hard399.68 KiBmandaryn
Marimba Soft.bmkz (download)Marimba Soft511.69 KiBmandaryn
Mario Paint.bmkz (download)Selected Mario Paint Samples236.28 KiBCharles Cowper
Marvelous J Kit Sounds.bmkz (download)Sounds from the Atlantic Producer Marvelous J!5.19 MiBZSnake
MC 303 B Kit.bmkz (download)MC 303 B Kit299.81 KiBmandaryn
MC303 A Kit.bmkz (download)MC303 A Kit389.09 KiBmandaryn
mfb512 kit.bmkz (download)MFB512 Kit412 KiBmandaryn
MJ baby.bmkz (download)michael jackson fun pack6.06 MiBpublic_nmy
Mo Phat Drum Kit.bmkz (download)Samples From Joes Mad Samples480.37 KiBB.Black
Mo phat Keys.bmkz (download)Samples From Joes Mad Samples2.26 MiBB.Black
Moog Lead minor.bmkz (download)Lead Moog in minor scale flavour2.27 MiBReusenoise
Moog saturated bass.bmkz (download)Moog bass in chromatic scale flavour592.01 KiBReusenoise
moog_bass_chromatic.bmkz (download)Moog bass ib chromatic flavour1.3 MiBReusenoise
moog_maj_pentatonic.bmkz (download)lead moog in pentatonic flafour2.44 MiBReusenoise
MPC500 Amb Room.bmkz (download)3.71 MiBUnknown
MPC500 Q2 Hall.bmkz (download)3.5 MiBunknown
MPC500 Room Drums.bmkz (download)4.14 MiBUnknown
My 505.bmkz (download)mandaryn's 505 Kit373.05 KiBmandaryn
My 808.bmkz (download)mandaryn's 808 Kit413.32 KiBmandaryn
Neptunes kit#2.bmkz (download)Second kit with Neptunes junk.458.52 KiBmandaryn
Neptunes1.bmkz (download)Selection of samples from The Neptunes kits.625.21 KiBmandaryn
NS Kit 7.bmkz (download)5.74 MiBUnknown
Okage Sound Kit 1.bmkz (download)Okage Sound Kit 15.35 MiBZSnake
Ong Bak.bmkz (download)Ong Bak kit4.49 MiBidrum4christ
Orch Strings.bmkz (download)NN191.7 MiBDJBC
organic rhythm 1.bmkz (download)Organic Rhythm 17.12 MiBmandaryn
other Organic Rhythm 1
Pete Rock's MPC 3000 Kit 2... (download)Continue from first kit4.03 MiBZSnake
Pete Rock's MPC 3000.bmkz (download)Make sure to download the 2nd kit too2.17 MiBZSnake
Pizzicato Stab.bmkz (download)NN191.03 MiBDJBC
PPG Sounds.bmkz (download)NN19898.46 KiBDJBC
PsyTrance0001.bmkz (download)PsyTrance00015.87 MiBMeko5
R2D2.bmkz (download)R2D21.93 MiBGt
random kit.bmkz (download)Random Kit9.31 MiBSarz Lim
random.bmkz (download)please send info2.97 MiBunknown
Rhodes C3 - Eb4.bmkz (download)Rhodes samples from C3 to Eb42.93 MiBCarmot
rhythm ace.bmkz (download)Rhythm Ace259.53 KiBmandaryn
Rock_Drum_Kit.bmkz (download)It's a regular rock drum kit1.27 MiBMatt Lampe
Scott Storch Claps.bmkz (download)Claps777.33 KiBZSnake
Scott Storch Ethnic 1.bmkz (download)Sounds465 KiBZSnake
Scott Storch Hi Hats.bmkz (download)Hi Hats185.96 KiBZSnake
Scott Storch Kicks.bmkz (download)Kicks370.25 KiBZSnake
Scott Storch Snares.bmkz (download)Snares303.07 KiBZSnake
second neptunes kit.bmkz (download)second Neptunes Kit518.07 KiBmandaryn
Slice of Life.bmkz (download)Slice of Life1.25 MiBmandaryn
Soft Natural.bmkz (download)Soft Natural1.52 MiBmandaryn
soul drum.bmkz (download)no comments available761.3 KiBpoppy doe
SouthKitMiz.bmkz (download)SouthKitMiz533.44 KiBunknown
spoky stacato mix.bmkz (download)Spoky Stacato Mix4.84 MiBmandaryn
Stax.bmkz (download)Stax4.47 MiBStax
steppy retro.bmkz (download)retro electro samples from free midi instrument 763.02 KiBblackbauble
Swizz Beatz Kicks.bmkz (download)Swizzy Kicks1.08 MiBZSnake
Swizz Beatz Loopz.bmkz (download)Swizzy Loopz8 MiBZSnake
Swizz Beatz Percs.bmkz (download)Percs from swizzy537.64 KiBZSnake
Swizz Beatz Snares.bmkz (download)Swizzy Snares733.93 KiBZSnake
Swizz Beatz Sounds.bmkz (download)Swizzy Sounds5.33 MiBZSnake
Techno Pack.bmkz (download)All sounds for techno/trance and percussion2.5 MiBMiller
The Runners clap n Snares.... (download)The Runners kit632.2 KiBZSnake
The Runners Sounds.bmkz (download)Don't know who they are but they got sounds.3.15 MiBZSnake
Third Neptunes Kit.bmkz (download)Third Neptunes Kit513.98 KiBmandaryn
Thrash.bmkz (download)125 BPM3.12 MiBoNeKOG
Tim and Bob Kit.bmkz (download)Timand Bob kit736.61 KiBunknown
Tim Perc.bmkz (download)Tim Perc1.8 MiBmandaryn
Tim2.bmkz (download)Tim2538.45 KiBmandaryn
Tim3.bmkz (download)Tim3706.52 KiBmandaryn
Tim4.bmkz (download)Tim4568.25 KiBmandaryn
tom tumba surdu.bmkz (download)Tom Tumba Surdu884.17 KiBmandaryn
twangs vibrato n fretnoise... (download)julians smells3.29 MiBunknown
umumumumumum.bmkz (download)umumumumumum !?!235.56 KiBmandaryn
underground hip hop 01.bmkz (download)underground hip hop 01843.98 KiBMr Mensah
univox.bmkz (download)Univox716.57 KiBmandaryn
URBAN GUITAR LICKS.bmkz (download)Urban Guitar Licks2.43 MiBidrum4christ
Urban Kit 1.bmkz (download)Urban Kit 1888.29 KiBmandaryn
Vintage Kit 1.bmkz (download)Vintage Kit 1759.65 KiBmandaryn
vintage-soft.bmkz (download)vintage-soft-23.54 MiBblackbauble
Vinyl Kit 1.bmkz (download)Vinyl Kit 14.29 MiBmandaryn
vocal_chops_kit1.bmkz (download)Vocal Chops Kit14.43 MiBThe Count
Vynal Snares.bmkz (download)Vynal Snares559.17 KiBZSnake
worm hole 101.bmkz (download)worm hole 101346.03 KiBUnknown
YamahaTX16(ollie).bmkz (download)Yamaha TX16 samples on all pads. Not sampled by me.563.84 KiBollie
yeah.bmkz (download)please send info839.42 KiBunknown
zbang.bmkz (download)Aftermath Kit 11.71 MiBunknown