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Part three of BM song creation

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Please make sure to read the two previous posts to be uptodate on where I come from.

It has been a while, I know. Life is busy. Anyways, back to my little rap song. After having settled for the main layout for the rap at 112 bpm I quickly put the 128 bpm part together. More dancable.

It was time to work on the tempo change. I decided to go with a steady slow-down at the beginning to give a hint of what might be coming later. I simply layed the loops down and added tempo changes to gradually cover my range. Not sure yet if it’s going to stay like that but that’s how it is now.

For the speed-up after the rap I decided to have a different approach: first I rendered the last 2 seconds of the rap part and ran it through a heavy stereo echo with lots of residual and quite a long tail. Then I built a recap of the bass line, but just the beginning of it, repeating. And an overlay of one of the background loops.
Again, the section was gradually sped-up to prepare for the 128 bpm part.

No BM in this leg of the creation process. But that will change soon.

The drums for the 128 bpm end stillĀ need to be created. In my current version ( I have used drums from another song I previously made.