Quo vadis iBeatmaker?

November 14th, 2008

After a nice summer away from Beatmaker, I decided to dive back in. Well the main reason was really that now I have a little more time to make music, so I also have more time to work on ibeatmaker.com.

So I should give this website some purpose. Solutions for user problems seems like a good purpose but it also means being on top of all the new things that are available and figured out.

So I still think that a master list of user made kits is very usefull, I must admit that I have not updated the list for a few month now. I will put some effort in changing that.
I would also like to encourage people to post their kits here or on the intua.net forum so I can find them easily and add them to the list.

Please let me know if you can think of any other good uses for ibeatmaker.com

Workaround for creating 32nd notes in Beatmaker

August 1st, 2008

djdiscord writes:

I was kind of frustrated by the 16 note per sequence limitation of Beatmaker. You could use the groove menu to get some 1/32 notes into a sequence, but that is still pretty limited in how that is done, and the groove menu is still a little weird to edit precisely. Here’s a cool way to get 1/32 notes.

1. Create a two bar loop in the sequencer.
2. Make a sequence with the note combinations you want as 1/32nd notes.
3. Double the tempo and export the file. Set the tempo back to its original timing.
4. Load the exported file as a sample and use sample start and end times to find the parts you want to use.

Its tempo specific, so if you change the tempo, you’ll have to re-export your 32nd note samples. Not perfect, but works for now to get a bit more variation in rhythms!

Also, the tempo goes up to 260, so you can create 1/64th notes with tempos 65 or less.

brainphreak adds:

If your looking to use 32nd notes for double bass kick or triplets etc in rock/metal music. I have created a new kit which has a normal kick and a double kick which will allow you to do triplets or anything you want with 32nd notes instead of just 16ths.



Custom user kits

August 1st, 2008

Here is a thread with some custom user kit download links.


I will eventually put up a static page with links ans descriptions.

Released my first custom beat kit for BeatMaker

July 18th, 2008

Today I released my first custom beat kit for BeatMaker.
It’s just a selection of drum and percussion samples. However, there is a twist to it and I am quite proud that I came up with this idea.
BeatMaker is limited to 16 samples per kit. So far, you can only have one active kit at the time. So in order to not always switch between kits or having to resassemble different kits, I decided to put the chopper functionality to good use.
So pad #2 (typically reserved for the snare sound) contains 15 snare samples. All of these are selectable by using the chopper within BeatMaker.
I think I found over 30 hihats on my hard drive and added them all to the kit, etc.

Of course you can only use one hihat at the time but typically that’s all you need. I guess it might make sense to expand the concept a little bit and clean out a few duplicates. But for now, this is pretty cool to play with

More about the kit here.

BeatMaker starts to become useful

July 17th, 2008

After the release of the free BeatPack (for MAC and Windows), BeatMaker (for iPhone/Touch) becomes a really cool tool for sequencing. I do not think BM is about to replace the Cubases and Acid Pros and Abbletons but it is definitly a great tool if you only have limited space or need to be very mobile.
I am using BM now every morning and evening, during my commute to lay down drum patterns and percussions. Wow do those commutes seem suddenly very short!
I have almost missed my stop this morning.