How to create midi melodies in BM?

This is a tutorial to explain how you can use BM to create simple midi melodies to export as midi files for further processing in your favorite DAW.

A few things to note before you start:
I am not schooled in the art of music and all my experience with making music and harmonies etc is self taught, so I might have a hard time using the correct terms for some things and it might sound awkward how I explain things. Sorry about that. I do try to read up on a lot of theory but without proper training, you can only go so far…
When you export midi in BM each pad is assigned a certain note. Pad one gets C3 and it goes up from there to Eb4 on pad 16.

So what you need is a kit where all 16 pads are the same sample at different notes (C3 –> Eb4). I will shortly upload a kit like that in the repository for everybody to use.

Now I think it is clear as mud: you record your melody and can even modify it using the sequencer. Once you are happy with it, export it as midi. Done.

Soon to come: links to a test midi and BM project as well as a Rhodes kit with the needed samples.