Workaround for creating 32nd notes in Beatmaker

djdiscord writes:

I was kind of frustrated by the 16 note per sequence limitation of Beatmaker. You could use the groove menu to get some 1/32 notes into a sequence, but that is still pretty limited in how that is done, and the groove menu is still a little weird to edit precisely. Here’s a cool way to get 1/32 notes.

1. Create a two bar loop in the sequencer.
2. Make a sequence with the note combinations you want as 1/32nd notes.
3. Double the tempo and export the file. Set the tempo back to its original timing.
4. Load the exported file as a sample and use sample start and end times to find the parts you want to use.

Its tempo specific, so if you change the tempo, you’ll have to re-export your 32nd note samples. Not perfect, but works for now to get a bit more variation in rhythms!

Also, the tempo goes up to 260, so you can create 1/64th notes with tempos 65 or less.

brainphreak adds:

If your looking to use 32nd notes for double bass kick or triplets etc in rock/metal music. I have created a new kit which has a normal kick and a double kick which will allow you to do triplets or anything you want with 32nd notes instead of just 16ths.


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  1. Realkuhl Says:

    This workaround won’t be necessary when version 1.3 comes out :D