Part four of how I use BeatMaker

Yes I know. It’s been more than a month since my last update. I did get things done though. Just didn’t have time to write home about it.

So I did work some more on the hiphop song. And after listening to it for more than two weeks on my iPod, I do like it.
I reworked the rhythm section in BeatMaker and exported the drums back to Reaper. There I adjusted the levels and applied a few filters both low and high pass (obviously to different tracks) to get the sound and feel I am looking for.

Mixdown and open it up in Ozone to equalize. This is for me a very lengthy process as I do it all on headphones and only get to listen to the mix on real speakers every other day (that’s just the reality of having a family life).
Once I am comfortable with the average eq curve and the sound, I’ll do some compressing of the drum peaks to get some more loudness out of the mix. I do prefer to have a larger dynamic range though so I am not compressing the heck out of it.
Well, this is pretty much it for now.
After listening to the song for over two weeks now, it really grew on me.
Check it out here:

My interests are currently shifting a bit as I am learning to program for the iPhone and will have my first app in the store pretty soon. But that’s a posting for another day…

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