Creating with beatmaker, part two

(Please read the previous post if you have not done so yet to get an appreciation of the progression.)

In this episode of ‘how I use BM to create a song’ I have arranged all the loops and vocals the way I want them. Mostly dictated by how the rap flows. Speeding up the vocals to 112 bpm (from 91.7 bpm) is a challenge but otherwise I feel the song is dragging.

At about three minutes, I want to change the tempo. This is the first time I attempt a song with tempo change and I am still experimenting on how to make it organic and flowing. So the second part of the song will be at 128 bpm and more dancy.

However, for now I focus on the rap and have split the vocals where I think it makes sense and introduce some relief from the very slight build up created by the vocals.

During the second verse I introduce the lead melody for the song. This raw track I split up in three wav files and import them to BM. As a base kit I use Ecken’s excellent hip hop kit and add one shots from my collection until I feel I have the needed sounds.

Then the fun part: programming the drums. I do not need a totally final drum track but I want to get a few different loops down so I can experiment with different feels. I have used the almost obnoxious rim shot and left it in for this version but this is not final. I really like the long kick drum and actually did use the delay fx of BM to modify the snare. If you listen closely you will have no problem locating the reversed kick drum either. Nothing spectacular really but I do like the sound and feel of it.

Back in Reaper I did play around with the lowpass filter on my cheesy bass and think I managed to make it more real. Then I selected the drum loops I just transferred and mixed the song down.

Check out the second mixdown here (Remember, there is no effects added yet so this is still quite a raw mix):

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