The 1.3 update review

So I have tested the new update and am pretty much blown away. Lots and lots of new features that expand the functionality of BM. Zooming in the waveform chop screen is of course my favorite, especially if you know my choices bmk you will understand why. Having the choice in pattern length from one to four bars is also very high up on the list for me. Since I am a boring 4/4 kinda guy, I will not utilize the other posibilities like 3/4 or 5/4. But who knows.

The pads screen has been cleaned up very nicely and I have already forgotten the old layout. The new bandpass, hp and lp filters sound very good but I am not sure if I will use them. I prefer to use these filters more dynamically.

In the sequencer screen things have been cleared up too with an actual position bar and a zoom function.

All this added functionality has of course also made the product more complex. The learning curve is quite steeper now than it was in august.

Well, these are my thoughts while I work on another song that will never be published.

Screenshots are coming soon

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