Upload Beatmaker kits and share

Ok, I decided to try to host all BM kits and also give you the ability to upload your own kit.
To do this, just follow the link:

Right now, I have a few kits uploaded and will add more. However, I have not yet coded the functionality to add descriptions to the files. It is all organized in folders though and should be quite obvious. [There is also a 2 MB filesize limit right now but I am working on lifting that too...  EDIT: has been lifted up to 10 MB by now]
So if you made one of those kits, not to worry, I will add your info soon. If you want to upload your kit right now, please go ahead and email me your information so I can add it. Until I have the backend all coded.
Also let me know if you need another folder. If you do, just upload your kit into the ‘other’ folder and email me. I will fix things asap.

This gives iBeatmaker some serious content and the ability to expand on the kits.

3 Responses to “Upload Beatmaker kits and share”

  1. Ernie Says:

    How do I down load and install kits

  2. John Says:

    Is it going to be possible to access these beats directly from beatmaker by adding a server address?

  3. admin Says:

    Ernie: Download kits by clicking on them and saving them to your computer. Then go to http://www.intua.net and get the manual for Beatmaker.
    Let me know if you have more specific questions.

    John: No, it is unfortunatly not possible the way ibeatmaker.com is set up. It is a security issue if I have a direct IP, give access to the file structure and have uploads enabled. You will have to go over a local computer on your wifi.