Released my first custom beat kit for BeatMaker

Today I released my first custom beat kit for BeatMaker.
It’s just a selection of drum and percussion samples. However, there is a twist to it and I am quite proud that I came up with this idea.
BeatMaker is limited to 16 samples per kit. So far, you can only have one active kit at the time. So in order to not always switch between kits or having to resassemble different kits, I decided to put the chopper functionality to good use.
So pad #2 (typically reserved for the snare sound) contains 15 snare samples. All of these are selectable by using the chopper within BeatMaker.
I think I found over 30 hihats on my hard drive and added them all to the kit, etc.

Of course you can only use one hihat at the time but typically that’s all you need. I guess it might make sense to expand the concept a little bit and clean out a few duplicates. But for now, this is pretty cool to play with

More about the kit here.

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  1. Mavis Says:

    Well said.