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Authoring a song using beatmaker

Friday, December 12th, 2008

So I decided to document how I utilize BM to create a new song. I hope that you’ll get something out of it, even if it’s just a laugh: I am not even close to being a professional as I am merely making music to keep me busy during my lunch hour. So if you have suggestions on what I could do different or more efficient, please do not hold back. I will try to narrate everything I did with the current song I am working on. So let’s start:

My first step involves browsing the web for royalty free vocals. usually has some good voxpellas. I decided to go with an excellent rap. (

It is distributed under the creative commons license. So I do not have to pay royalties and can pretty much do with my finished song what I want as long as its not commercial.
The reason I selected this song is mainly my affinity to the gershwin song summertime. So I played a few melodies the way I remembered them on my midi keyboard.

Running this midi through a few presets for the z3ta plugin, I made a few loops. One of then did sound very cheesy and I had to run it through a lowpass filter to make it more real. I don’t think I am done with it yet. Now BM comes into play: taking those loops, I created a bmk and matched the loops with a vocal loop I had also beatmapped. This kit ended up being about 28 MB in filesize. Too much for me to share on my server.

So after weeding out about half the loops, I ended with about 6 good loops I want to use. After having them arranged roughly in BM, I switched to Acid and assembled the loops to have this ( first mixdown.

Next step will be arranging the complete rap and deciding if I need more loops to keep things interesting.

In my songs, I like to fuse different genres. Not sure what this is will end up with. We will see…

Upload Beatmaker kits and share

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Ok, I decided to try to host all BM kits and also give you the ability to upload your own kit.
To do this, just follow the link:

Right now, I have a few kits uploaded and will add more. However, I have not yet coded the functionality to add descriptions to the files. It is all organized in folders though and should be quite obvious. [There is also a 2 MB filesize limit right now but I am working on lifting that too...  EDIT: has been lifted up to 10 MB by now]
So if you made one of those kits, not to worry, I will add your info soon. If you want to upload your kit right now, please go ahead and email me your information so I can add it. Until I have the backend all coded.
Also let me know if you need another folder. If you do, just upload your kit into the ‘other’ folder and email me. I will fix things asap.

This gives iBeatmaker some serious content and the ability to expand on the kits.

Custom user kits

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Here is a thread with some custom user kit download links.

I will eventually put up a static page with links ans descriptions.